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Resilience Skills

A daily dose of mental wellbeing

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06 May 2021

We are so excited to offer you continuous care for your mental health

Get your daily dose of mental wellbeing

We offer you the most exclusive online resource of resilience and mental health videos. Informative, insightful films, original experiential exercises, therapy and training classes and more. Based on clinical expertise and health care, you will not find anywhere else.

Why is this so important?

Think about the MOT for a car. We give the engine, the breaks and wheels a regular check-up to keep it safe. The MOT service station lets you know what problems they see and how to counteract them based on standards and evidence. The regular servicing of our car is a good thing as we can avoid issues or get them fixed before they lead to accidents.

The same applies to our minds. We use our "problem-solving" device every day. It's just natural that cranks and errors are creeping in. This is where psychology comes in handy - because we have the standards and the knowledge to help you avoid experiencing even bigger problems.

We care so you can care for yourself

WITHSTO psychologists give you the power to take charge of your own mental health before experiencing breakdown and suffering. We can help you through these difficulties, and we do this with competence and compassion. You get our expertise and care.

Because this is what your health deserves.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash