About us

About Us

Thank you for choosing WithSto. Our mission is to help you withstand the storm – building up your mental resilience to come back stronger, no matter what challenges you face in life. The first step to self-improvement is acknowledging that something needs to change. Our expert psychologists will join you on this journey towards change, and a more resilient mind.

Getting a better look at yourself

For that helping hand, WithSto offers an online platform with bespoke training from practitioner psychologists. We offer a diverse team of psychologists, lecturers, psychoanalysts and mentors to help you discover the root of your challenges.

Your personal journey can take many directions. Choose your own bespoke plan, comprising:

  • Mental wellbeing training
  • Online videos
  • Live consultations.

Here to help you

No matter what your challenges, our bespoke interactive programmes have been designed to help you. Some common obstacles we help you overcome include:


Negative thought patterns, social phobias and physical symptoms are all commonly linked to anxiety. We’ll guide you in learning to recognise these and changing your train of thought.


Symptoms of depression can be chronic or circumstantial. We are here to help you take control of them and learn to manage your emotions in a healthy, constructive way.


Discover the negative habits that may be putting unnecessary stress on your day to day life. Learn how to focus on your individual health rather than being a people pleaser.

Chronic pain

Get a better understanding of your condition and learn to control your reactions when flare-ups strike. The key to healing is knowledge, and we will teach you trusted techniques to manage pain.

Sleep management

If you’re struggling to sleep, you might be struggling with stress, anxiety, or physical pain. Using clinically approved techniques, we’ll teach you to manage these physical symptoms.

Coming back from trauma

Resilience means to rebound – coming back from distress and disaster stronger, ready for new challenges. Join us as we teach you how to harness your mental power for a more resilient mind.

How it works

Every single one of our methods is substantiated by recognised bodies including the Health and Care Professions Council, as well as academic research. Our PHD trainers each have their own methods to tailor a treatment that works for you. When you choose us, you’ll work exclusively with one psychologist, who will guide you through a structured learning process.

Live consultations

During these live online sessions, we’ll bring problems to the surface, discussing any events or circumstances that may be affecting your mindset. This will help us to determine the best course of action and learning for you.


The exercises will recommend will depend on the obstacles we’re trying to overcome. Each is a clinically approved technique, for example, experiential exercises to manage anxiety. Our friendly, judgement-free practitioners will talk you through each exercise so that you’re not overwhelmed.


The best way to take stock of your progress is to have written evidence, by way of assessments. Don’t worry – these do not require academic ability. Rather, they judge how well you’ve grasped the exercises and incorporated them into your day to day life – pursuing the resilient mind.

Speak to a qualified practitioner today

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Assessments, reviews and consultations help us to determine how you’re progressing in your journey towards resilience. Our mission is to create sustainable change, including:

  • Better conflict management
  • Controlling stress
  • Avoiding exhaustion
  • Getting away from bad habits.

You can speak to our psychologists via instant chat for a personalised, private and constructive training experience. With more than 50 years of research, we will use these trusted methods to help you bounce back from even the deepest traumas in your life. 

Withstand the storm. Build a resilient mind. Contact us today.