Let me help you with Self Help

I'll work alongside you while you tackle that Self Help book you haven't opened yet

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  • Finally, you get the achievement of mastering some self help!

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Let me help you with self help
2 Lessons 02:00 Hours
  • Send me a chapter or exercise that you want to work on then book in for your first consultation!
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If you're anything like me then you've got more self help books than you know, you've opened a few of them, and if you're lucky, you might have done the odd exercise. We buy the books, so there's clearly something we want to work on, but somehow it doesn't work. We can't help ourselves. I think one reason is because it's scary. The book is asking all these questions and we don't know the answers or we don't like the answers and we're left with our selves and our thoughts and we don't like ourselves and our thoughts, that's the reason we're doing the self help!  So then you think you have to go to therapy right but you know that's scary, too expensive and you don't really want to talk about your parents… I think we need something in the middle and that’s why I’ve created Let me help you with Self Help. This is how it works. You buy the course, then get that book off the shelf that you've always been meaning to look at, you find the chapter or exercise that interests you and you email it to me and book in for your first consultation.  I have a look at what you’ve sent then we meet to talk about what you want to do and why, and how you’re going to do it, and you book your second consultation. Before then, you have a go, and then we meet to talk about how it went, what came up for you and what you learned from it. If it didn't go so well, we’ll see if we can understand why and what you might do differently. Then you either live happily ever after with your self help book, or we can repeat the process with  another exercise, or you might want to have a couple of sessions with me to discuss something in more depth, or you can try out more of the Resilient Mind courses. I’m looking forward to helping you with self help!

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Dr Lorraine-Maher-Edwards
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I am a founding member of WITHSTO, an HCPC accredited clinical psychologist, a qualified psychoanalyst, an independent doctoral trainer, and supervisor and examiner in clinical and counselling psychology. I am interested in post-traumatic growth and blending psychoanalysis with Buddhist teachings to help with this. 

In my private practice, I work with adults who have longstanding difficulties relating to themselves and others. I am also a Director of London Counselling Psychologists, Co-chair of The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis.

Prior to this, I previously worked as principal clinical psychologist, specialising in HIV and sexual health, in Barts and the London NHS Trust.  I have also worked as clinical co-ordinator for the City and Hackney Primary Care Psychotherapy Consultation Service (provided by the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust) specialising in working with GPs and their patients, particularly those with medically unexplained symptoms and enduring relational problems.  I have worked as specialist supervision consultant to Mind in the City, Hackney and Waltham Forest, and to Headstrong Counselling in West London. 

As an academic, I have worked on Doctorate in Counselling Psychology course teams at London Metropolitan University and the University of Roehampton. Most recently, I led the Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at Regent's University London, and have worked as programme external examiner for the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the Universoty of Plymouth.  I have worked as a doctoral examiner and supervisor for several other universities, I have published peer-reviewed articles, written book chapters and am an active reviewer for psychology journals, including Qualitative Health Research and the Journal of Psychological Therapy. 

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