Mastering negative thoughts

You will learn and understand the thinking styles underlying Optimism, and the importance of being optimistic

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What will i learn?
  • You will learn the definition of resilience and differentiate between helplessness and optimism.
  • A summary of optimism, and the mediators
  • To apply the concepts of Optimism to your own life
  • Exploring ways in which we can develop optimism by looking at the science and research
  • Understanding the origins of optimism and the effects it has on the way we feel.
  • ou will assess your own levels of optimism

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This course describes how expressing optimism and behaving in an optimistic manner has a positive effect on our lives. This course explains the importance in stopping our negative thoughts, but to rather take the best out of a situation we are put in.

In this short course, you will be able to summarise the benefits and outcomes of optimism, and how you can mediate these. You will be Able to assess your own levels of optimism using a standardised questionnaire. In the second Section, you will have a live one to one consultation with Dr Syka to discuss your own levels of optimism and how can you apply the concepts that you have learnt to your life, whether this is in a personal or organisational context. 

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I am is a founding member of the the resilient mind by von Lerse and a Lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London.  I have lectured extensively in the field of Positive Psychology, resilience, character strengths, relationships, optimism and Hope for over 10 years. My focus is on Authentic happiness, relationships and character strengths which aim to bring scientific research and theoretical knowledge to increase flourishing and transform people’s lives.


I completed my B.A., MSc and my Ph.D. at the Manchester Metropolitan University, achieving an award for excellence in research. The work I have undertaken focuses on promoting well-being and Positive Psychology. During the past 15 years I have investigated health behaviours, specifically in relation to Diabetes where I have worked with Bradford City Teaching Primary Care Trust on the Transformational Change Project, which involved work on health inequalities and building behavioural models for change.  I have undertaken research on Drug and Alcohol abuse funded by the Department of Health.

I have worked with the Muslim Women’s Council, as part of an initiative to develop and train a resilience program for women and families. I have organised and conducted workshops and trainings for women, educators and parents. I have taught on the topics of happiness, optimism, and Positive Psychology. In addition, I provide consultation to individuals and organisations around the themes of optimism, resilience and strength development.  

Additional Information : I can speak Urdu (Fluent), Gujarati (basic), Punjabi(basic) and read Arabic.

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