Enter our resilience blog competition!

Are you training to become a psychologist? Looking for a way to get your name out there? Do you want to be published? A special extra for your CV? At the resilient mind by von Lerse, we’re running an exciting blog competition! Check out the competition video at the end of this post for more details, refresh yourself on the rules outlined below, choose your question, and get writing!

Competition questions

  1. How do you define resilience?
  2. How are mental health and resilience related?
  3. How are resilience and happiness linked?
  4. Do you think our capacity for resilience depends on our personality and character?
  5. Is mental strength or toughness the same as resilience?
  6. How useful is the archetype of “the warrior” in thinking about resilience?
  7. Is there a link between physical and mental resilience?
  8. What part does religion and spirituality play in resilience?
  9. How can we help our children become resilient?
  10. How can we build resilience in ourselves and those we love?
  11. How have you experienced resilience in leaders and managers?
  12. How does resilience work in groups and teams?
  13. Who are your favourite speakers and writers on resilience?
  14. Is there an app you turn to to build resilience?
  15. Are there particular hacks, habits, exercises or practices you enjoy that help you with resilience?
  16. What is your favourite piece of writing (poems, prayers, affirmations, mantras, quotes) that has helped you be more resilient?


Competition rules

  1. Please feel free to enter blogs to answer as many questions as you wish, but no more than one entry per question please
  2. No less than 800 words and no more than 1000 words per entry
  3. No cut and pasted content; needs to be entirely original
  4. Entries that reference one or two (no more!) theories or pieces of research, cited appropriately, will be particularly welcome
  5. Entries must be made by e-mail to on or before 30th September and our panel of psychologists will select a number of entries for publication on our blog. The judging panel’s decisions are final and feedback will not be given on non-winning entries
  6. If you are chosen as a winner, we will be in touch to discuss how to attribute the work to you on our blog, and any edits we would like to make